I always feel that when you put in the heart and soul to make something by hand for the people you love, they can really sense your love and sincerity. ​

The beauty of customization and personalization is that you get to decide the size you want, the colours you love, and engrave it with the name that represents you, and the end product is one that is yours forever and ever. ​

If you prefer to have our Queen of Delay aka probably the only rebellious leather craft woman artisan to hand-make a piece for you, simply head over to the shop page to make your customization choices, or drop a line or text to me (Yes, I am that rebellious woman artisan) and we can take off the customizing discussion from there. ​

Just so you know, you can do the following for customization and personalization:​

  1. Choose your design (from the range that I have designed and crafted, or if you have something in mind, send me a pic and I will do my best to design it up for you!) ​
  2. Determine the size that you want (or simply let me know what you want to put inside and I design a set of dimensions fitted just for you) ​
  3. Choose your leather colour (I have over 40 colours for you to choose. You can also choose to do colour blocking. It is really fun!) ​
  4. Choose your hardware colour (5 beautiful and eye-catching colours to choose from) ​
  5. Decide on the name / text / initial that you want to engrave.​
  6. Decide on where the engraving would be.​

Go ahead and make a gift for yourself or your loved ones. We are all worth it. ​