Hey there. This is R, the brainchild behind Anastasiabyraine, also dearly known as ABR. I am also the maker who makes all the ABR pieces by hand, one-by-one. ​

Thank you so much for adoring my self-made home-grown label. The journey hasn’t been easy but I have zero regrets,  because it is so worth it. ​

Let me share with you a little story about my background. ​

It has been an amazing journey filled with reminders of mostly positive, at times indifferent attitude. ​

I think this world has no lack of dramatic individuals who play excellent mind games, but we are in need of real people with that bold attitude to venture, to show the world what we can be, to be assured and confident enough to do what we think is right, and to rebel for all the right reasons. ​

Anastasiabyraine is a true representation of us who are stoic and indifferent most of the times, not because we are afraid to voice out, but because we understand that staying subtle is more valuable than joining the “voice of majority”.​

Anastasiabyraine is a true representation of us who recognise the time to stand up and rebel for the right reasons, even if the majority says otherwise. Most of all, Anastasiabyraine reminds us of the warrior that we have become, and how much stronger we can be. 

I am a polytechnic lecturer by day, an aspiring maker by night, and most of all, a designer-wannabe by the minute (everyday, 24/7). It took me more than 10 years of procrastination before I had the guts to kick off ABR. ​

Since 15 years old, I had the dream of wanting to be a fashion designer, an animation designer, a cartoonist, and everything to do with designing. Pressured by societal norms, I eventually chose to major in marketing & merchandising.​

I eventually went into teaching, and I teach entrepreneurship in a local polytechnic. A sudden solo trip gave me the newfound strength, impulse and independence to kick-start ABR in a month. This explains why I made ABR into a label that conveys very strong message in independence, in staying positively impulsive, and in women’s strength. I want ABR to be a label that represents a lady with attitude (A), a lady who is bold (B), and someone who is not afraid to be a rebel for all the right reasons (R). ​